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Where will the repair be carried out?

Chip and Paint Repairs are able to carry out the paint or plastic repair at your home or place of work. All we require is off street parking to carry out the repair safely, somewhere to park our van within 15 metres of your car and access to 2 plug sockets no more than 30 metres away.  

How do you match the paint colour of my car?

Your car has a paint code issued by the manufacturer that is located somewhere on the body of the car. This code not only gives details of the paint colour but also interior trim and any alternative plastic bumper colours that may be used.  Chip and Paint Repairs enter this code into our specialist paint system to gain the correct paint formulation required to match your cars paint, plastic and trim colours.  How do you dry the paint once applied?

We use infra-red lamps to cure both the paint and lacquer fully. This will take up to 20 minutes to dry. Your car will be ready to use again straight after the repair.  

When will I be able to drive my car again?

Most mobile scratch or plastic bumper repairs are able to be completed within 3-4 hours. You will be able to drive the car again as soon as the repair is finished meaning that you do not have to be without the car for any longer than necessary.  

Can I clean my car after the repair?

It is best cleaned before the work takes place to ensure that the repair area can be kept clean. Your car can be cleaned (ideally by hand) after 5 days following the repair. However, it is advised that no waxes or polish should be used until 30 days after the repair to ensure that the Lacquer has fully cured. Aftercare details will be provided to you upon completion advising of how best to look after the repair.

How much will it cost?

Our repairs are usually lower than the cost of your Insurance Excess.

SMART Repairs are a more cost-effective method than a Bodyshop repair as we only repair the damage and do not replace the panel of your car. Cracked or split plastic bumpers are also often able to be repaired without the need for replacement.  This is therefore a more cost-effective option.

Due to each accident being different, the cost of repair will vary depending on the size and position of the damage to your car.Simply text or email us a picture of the damage and we will be able to give you a no obligation Free Quote for the cost to repair. Alternatively, call us today to discuss your requirements.  

Are Chip and Paint Repairs part of a franchise?

Chip and Paint Repairs are fully independent and not tied to any one particular range of products. We are therefore able to utilise the entire market place to use whichever products we feel necessary to complete the repair to the highest standard.  

What area do you cover?

Chip and Paint Repairs are able to service areas within North West, South West London and Greater London. This also includes limited parts of Surrey and Hertfordshire. Please refer to our Areas Covered page for more specific details on these locations or please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you are unsure whether we cover your area.

For car bumper repairs and mobile car body repairs in Esher, Cobham, Weybridge and all surrounding areas, please call Chip and Paint Repairs on (07446) 105446 today.