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Car Scratch Repairs and Car Dent Removal in Sunbury-on-Thames |  
Mobile SMART Repairs

Chip and Paint Repairs are based in Shepperton. Mobile SMART repairs are provided to customers throughout the Elmbridge, Spelthorne and North Surrey areas. Sunbury-on-Thames is one of many areas we cover where our mobile car body repairs and car dent removal services are in demand. You can learn more about our first-rate services on our FAQs page. Instead of leaving you to visit a bodyshop for body panel or car bumper repairs, we personally travel to your Sunbury-on-Thames home or workplace.

Mobile dent repairs and mobile scratch repairs are often associated with franchise operations. Because the franchisee will usually have to pay the franchisor for the use of a trademarked name and certain materials, it is the customer who ultimately absorbs the additional costs. Our company performs car scratch repairs and bumper scuff repairs in Sunbury-on-Thames as a fully independent business.

This gives us the freedom to perform mobile SMART repairs with a wider range of high quality materials and, just as importantly, our customers enjoy the benefits of getting to know the tradesman working on their vehicles at a much closer level. When it comes to car scratch and car dent removal, we have the Sunbury-on-Thames area covered as a friendly, personable and reliable business that always puts the customer first.

Mobile Dent Repairs

No matter how much you care for your vehicle personally, everyday use almost inevitably results in minor dents and dings. Mobile dent repairs are the perfect alternative to traditional bodyshop services in Sunbury-on-Thames. The car dent removal methods we use on smaller damaged areas help us to localise the size of the repair. In turn, this minimises the subsequent area we have to refinish afterwards.

Localised mobile car body repairs help us to achieve a superior colour match without the need to blend into adjacent panels. This helps us to increase turnaround times and, because fewer panels need to be painted, less volatile organic compounds are released.

Mobile Scratch Repairs

A misguided key or a stray supermarket trolley can leave small scratches and scuffs on the panels of your vehicle. Motorists in Sunbury-on-Thames can call upon Chip and Paint Repairs whenever paintwork has been subjected to abuse. Mobile scratch repairs can be undertaken just about anywhere so that you don’t have to leave home or work to drop off the car. The typical time to resolve car scratch repairs is 3 to 4 hours.

Superficial scratches can ruin the entire appearance of your vehicle even if the damage is small in size. We deliver a professionally managed service that combines the quality of bodyshop repairs with the benefits of a genuinely mobile service.

Bumper Scuff Repairs

Car bumper repairs can be undertaken in Sunbury-on-Thames using SMART repair systems including plastic welding. In a bodyshop, a split bumper will often be replaced completely and this pushes up the overall cost of repair work. If car bumper repairs are being undertaken as part of an insurance claim, higher costs could see your premium rise. We can usually repair bumpers for less than the cost of your insurance excess.

Bumper scuff repairs, even if the damage is close to adjacent wings or quarter-panels, can be performed locally to minimise labour and material costs. This is just one more benefit that our Sunbury-on-Thames clients receive wherever they use our services.

To discuss mobile SMART repairs at your Sunbury-on-Thames home or workplace, call Chip and Paint Repairs now on 07446 105 446.